1971 Arco Phillies

Set Type: Primary
Photo Dimensions: 8” x 10”
Additional Information: One of four different team sets distributed by Arco Oil as a gas station giveaway. The Phillies set is one photo larger than the other three Arco sets. The players are capless in nearly all the photos, and each photo contains a facsimile signature of the player shown. The photos are unnumbered, and both SCD and Beckett list the players alphabetically by last name and assign numbers accordingly. Beckett lists the set as “1971 Phillies Arco Oil.” The set name used in SCD’s 2011 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards is used here.

Larry Bowa
Jim Bunning
Roger Freed
Terry Harmon
Larry Hisle
Joe Hoerner
Deron Johnson
Tim McCarver
Don Money
Dick Selma
Chris Short
Tony Taylor
Rick Wise

3 responses to “1971 Arco Phillies

  1. I always liked this set. They must have printed a whole lot of them, because you can often pick these up for as low as $1 each, and rarely more than $5. Because of the facsimile autograph, I always think they look really silly with a real autograph added on top–but had they left off the facsimile, it would have been a great item to get signed.

    For some reason they remind me of a color, two-sided version of the team-issue 1970 8x10s. (You can click here to see whether you agree: http://www.tradingcarddb.com/ViewSet.cfm/sid/58501/1970-Philadelphia-Phillies-8×10-photos .)

    • These were actually the first two Arco cards I picked up. In terms of high-priority items on my want list, they just haven’t been on my radar. I might change that at some point in the near future.

      I hadn’t seen many of the team issue 8×10 photos from 1970, and you’re right with your assessment. There are some notable similarities.

  2. i do have about a dozen that were left to me by my late brother i am so happy to find that someone else has them i had never known what they are worth and it is nice to know

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