1969 Topps Decals

Set Type: Insert
Dimensions: Decal only, 1” x 1½”; Decal including the plain, white backing, 1¾” x 2⅛”
Additional Information: Inserted in packs of 1969 Topps. Although the Beckett online guide states that the decals “appear to be miniature versions of the Topps regular issue of that year,” the Dick Allen decal uses a different photo than his Topps card and the Chris Short decal crops the photo from his Topps card as more of a close-up. It is possible, however, that the decals in the majority of the remainder of the unnumbered set much more closely resemble their actual Topps cards.

According to the 2011 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards (p. 428), a hoard consisting of two original 10,000-piece rolls was sold at auction in March 2001. Thus equated to 833 decals each for half the players in the set. Chris Short was among those who saw an increase in the number of decals now on the market. As a result of this find, Dick Allen’s decal is now marked as an SP.

Dick Allen (SP)
Chris Short

4 responses to “1969 Topps Decals

  1. steveinphilly

    No particular place works to ask this, so let me do it here. Will you be doing a post on the Baseball Cards Magazine “repli-cards” that came out in the late-1980s and early 1990s? I always think of them as the forerunners of Topps Heritage (and even Topps Archives, to some extent). I have about 10 or 12 Phillies cards from the series, but I’ve never seen a checklist to know whether that is all of them. I suspect the repli-cards were printed between about 1986 and 1995 or so, although the early years were just reprints of classic cards, not current players in classic designs. In the later years, they were done as a single retro-style the entire year.

    I subscribed to BBC Magazine (later “Sports Cards Magazine,” I believe) from the third issue until the mid- to late-1990s. I had bought the first issue but I may never have landed the second one. Anyway, it was an excellent publication, and I still dig out issues on occasion as the articles were, and remain, great reads. Someday perhaps I will go through all of them to see exactly what Phillies cards are in there, but I don’t want to cut them out of the magazines. All of the Phillies repli-cards I have are ones I purchased had been already cut out.

    • At some point or another, I plan on getting to everything I can — I have checklists for those sets, so they are certainly on the horizon. Earlier this morning, in response to a different comment, I did mention the idea of doing a request week sometime soon (you’re not the first to ask about a particular set). I’ve made a note to handle those cards sooner than later.

  2. steveinphilly

    Thanks for this post, These now have a place in my 1969 Topps Phillies sheets. They may be even smaller than the 2011 Mayberry silk card (the one that rattles around within the larger frame). But like that card, they match the design of the regular cards, so they have a spot in my Phils collection!

    • You’re welcome. As I stated some time ago, part of the reason for posting all these checklists in this manner is that I felt that I felt simple checklists were insufficient for collectors such as myself. If I was going to spend the time to track down possibly helpful extra info — such as the fact that the Phillies decals in this set were in fact different from the regular cards, even though SCD and Beckett stated otherwise — then I wanted to pass it along to others.

      However, the more I post these checklists, the more I realize that it will be years before I even begin to approach posting even the overwhelming majority of them online.

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