2005 Leaf Limited Team Trademarks Signatures

Set Type: Insert
Card Dimensions: 2½” x 3½”
Manufacturer: Donruss Playoff
Additional Information: Cards were inserted in packs of 2005 Leaf Limited. The cards are essentially the same ones used in the 2005 Leaf Limited Team Trademarks insert set, only with an autographed sticker applied to the front of the card. The cards are serial numbered on the back, and all the Phillies in the set have a print run 0f 25.
14,000 Phillies Commentary: Kruk’s card is yet another of one of those instances where Donruss left me scratching my head. Clearly, they felt that they had to use this picture for the Team Trademarks set and all the other insert sets based off of it. However, this presented a problem because the print run on Kruk’s Team Trademarks Signatures Jersey Number insert card was based on the number he is most famous for wearing as a Phillie: 29. It’s almost certain that the jersey Kruk wore in this particular photo carried a different number — most likely 11 or 19. Rather than select a more appropriate photo, they airbrushed the old number out and left the jersey blank. End result: a photo that almost looks like it would fit right in with the latest Panini issue — all you need to do now is remove the Phillies logos.

Steve Carlton
John Kruk
Lenny Dykstra

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