2004 Bazooka Adventures Relics

Set Type: Insert
Card dimensions: 2½” x 3½”
Parallel: Refractors, serial numbered on back of card to 25. Beckett’s Online Guide refers to these as “Parallel 25.” SCD’s 2011 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards makes no mention of these parallels.
Additional Information: Seeded in packs of 2004 Bazooka. All the Phillies in the set bear jersey swatches. Beckett gives scarcity grades in its online checklist for the set, but doesn’t provide any meaningful explanation as to what they mean. In the checklist below, the scarcity grade of each player’s card is listed in parenthesis after his name.
14,000 Phillies Commentary: Whoever put together Millwood’s card has an awesome sense of humor. The look on his face suggests that he is most certainly not having fun in Philly. In fact, it looks like he can’t wait to leave.

Jim Thome (C)
Kevin Millwood (E)
Marlon Byrd (C)
Pat Burrell (E)

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