1979 TCMA Baseball History Series: The ’50s

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions: 2½” x 3½”
Additional Information: Like all other TCMA issues throughout the ’70s and ’80s, this set was available only via direct mail order through the TCMA catalog, a baseball card magazine named Collectors Quarterly. Although this set recycles the design of the 1953 Bowman set and features MLB players from the ’50s, a significant number of the Phillies in the set are shown in the ’48-’49 uniforms. Beckett’s Online Guide refers to the set simply as “1979 TCMA 50’s.”




Robin Roberts
Richie Ashburn
Del Ennis
Willie “Puddinhead” Jones
Granny Hamner
Jim Konstanty
Curt Simmons
Alex Kellner (uncorrected error: designated with Phillies on back of card, but never actually played for Phillies; pictured with Athletics on front of card)
Eddie Waitkus
Ken Heintzelman
Jack Sanford
Herman Wehmeier (pictured with Phillies on front, denoted with Reds on back)
Stan Lopata
Dick Sisler
Bob Miller

4 responses to “1979 TCMA Baseball History Series: The ’50s

  1. steveinphilly

    Thanks for the Wehmeier heads up–I didn’t have him in my team set.

    If you want the opposite situation, see card 55, Alex Kellner, who is listed on the back as a Phillis but is pictured as an Athletic. But I think that is just a typo.

    • Thank you for pointing that out — it’s not the type of thing I would normally catch on my own. I have included it in the checklist because even though this is clearly an error, he is designated on the card as a Phillie. This sort of thing is rather rare, but there are at least a couple other checklists I have where something similar occurs. The one that immediately comes to mind is the Fred Clarke card in the 1909-1911 American Caramel set — he played for the Pirates for the entirety of his Modern Era career.

  2. steveinphilly

    Note how it is out of step with the pattern of 2 straight Phils cards over and over (except for the first and last one).

    I only have the Kellner card by accident, as I ordered the Phillies team set from some eBay seller and he must have been looking at the backs of the cards to sort them and not the fronts. Unfortunately he left out Wehmeier, so now I have to track that one down. (Although I actually enjoy doing things like that….)

    • I only had the Wehmeier by accident as well — in my case, the eBay seller included him with my Phillies team set. However, I think I am going to pass on the Kellner card. If he had actually played for the Phillies, I would do differently.

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