1979 Diamond Greats

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions: 2½” x 3½”
Additional Information: Technically a collectors’ issue. However, set is listed in both Beckett’s Online Guide and SCD’s 2011 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards. The black-and-white cards are blank-backed, and the photo quality and printing quality for the the set are both poor. However, it contains the only standard-sized Phillies cards for a number of players, as well as Jack Bolling’s, Gene Corbett’s and Vance Dinges’s only Phillies cards.



Dolph Camilli (uncorrected error, first name
spelled “Dolf”)
Jack Warner
Ike Pearson
Johnny Peacock
Gene Corbett
Wally Millies
Vance Dinges
Joe Marty
Hugh Mulcahy
Walter “Boom Boom” Beck
Charley Schanz
John Bolling
Danny Litwhiler
Emil Verban
Andy Seminick
John Antonelli
Robin Roberts
Richie Ashburn
Curt Simmons
Murry Dickson
Jim Greengrass
Gene Freese
Bobby Morgan
Don Demeter
Eddie Sawyer (manager)

2 responses to “1979 Diamond Greats

  1. I’ve seen these for years at card shows. They are more often than not signed, which is a bit unusual. It’s also an odd selection of players. A lot of 1930s guys but no Chuck Klein. Ashburn but no Roberts. Don Demeter, who joined the team in 1961, but no one else who joined after the 1950s. It makes me think that the guy who put the set together did reach out to living players to get their permission–and maybe even got a bunch autographed by each player.

    (As an aside, I was a friend of the late Joe Harring, who put out the “Reading Remembers” set around the same time, and he told me how he had written to every player expressly to get their permission, and in some cases to get a photo he could use if he didn’t have one he had taken himself. He was ticked off when the Reading Phillies later used some of his photos from the cards in a set they put out in the early 2000s but didn’t show the same courtesy to him. So people who put out collectors’ issues often do follow the rules of the road.)

    On Beckett Marketplace, it looks like there is only one seller with any of them, and his listings end at card #93, so I wonder whether they came out in series and the Phillies cards were in a later series.

    Anyway, thanks for the list. Although I have the 2011 Standard Catalog, I never got around to looking up the set, nor would it have told me which cards were Phillies. And I have found two players on the list of whom I still need a signed card, so I will start my search for them (at a reasonable price….).

    • I left out of the “Additional Information” section that the set was issued in series, and that the Phillies were only issued in the fourth series of the set (this was stated in the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards but Beckett doesn’t provide that type of information about the set).

      I’m with you on the player selection — it’s a little bewildering, and I’d love to know why particular selections were made. However, I find the set endearing if for no other reason than the number of players who make their only appearance on a standard-sized baseball card as a Phillie in this set.

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