2012 Topps Tier One On the Rise Autographs

Set Type: Insert
Card Dimensions: 2½” x 3½”
Parallels: Gold Ink, serial numbered “1/1”; Silver Ink, serial numbered to 10; White Ink, serial numbered to 25.
Additional Information: Cards were inserted in packs of 2012 Topps Tier One.  As is befitting a high-end product, all the cards were autographed directly by the player. The base cards are serial numbered up to 355, and all cards, both base and parallel, bear the serial number on the front. Topps darkened the background of the parallels in order to provide better contract for the ink used on those cards.
14,000 Phillies Commentary: It’s very likely that Topps issued two different autograph cards of Worley in an effort to avoid depressing collector interest (and thus secondary market prices) by issuing too many copies of the same Worley autograph card. Although the two cards are numbered differently, the checklist below includes a description of each card to aid in quickly determining which card a collector may be looking at.



Vance Worley (pictured in road uniform with right arm hanging down, glove on chest)
Vance Worley (pictured in home uniform, delivering a pitch)

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