2012 Phillies Team Issue Second Edition

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions: 4″ x 6″
Additional Information: For the third straight season, the Phillies produced a completely redesigned and updated team set at midseason, rather than just update the set released at the start of the season. As with previous midseason sets, the Phillies updated this one as well. However, the updated second printing of the set was distributed extremely late in the season. Jim over at The Phillies Room has much more information about the update in a mid-October, 2012 post.

Because of late season trades and minor league call-ups, a large number of cards were available exclusively either in the first or second version of the set. In the checklist below, each of these cards is marked as an SP and carries a notation stating the printing of the set in which it appeared. Given the timing of the updated set, it is likely that far fewer quantities of those cards exist. It needs to be noted that this set contains the very first card ever issued for Jake Diekman. Somehow, Topps managed to overlook him during its many different Bowman Prospect insert sets since he entered the Phillies organization in 2007.

As with all other Phillies team-issued sets, the cards are not sequentially numbered, instead bearing the player’s uniform number. In the checklist below, the cards are listed in alphabetical order by last name and assigned numbers accordingly.

Antonio Bastardo
Mick Billmeyer (coach)
Joe Blanton (SP, first printing only)
Domonic Brown (SP, second printing only)
Jake Diekman
Rich Dubee (coach)
Mike Fontenot (SP, first printing only)
Kevin Frandsen (SP, second printing only)
Freddy Galvis
Greg Gross (coach)
Roy Halladay
Cole Hamels
Jeremy Horst
Ryan Howard
Kyle Kendrick
Eric Kratz
Cliff Lee
Josh Lindblom (SP, second printing only)
Hector Luna
Pete Mackanin (coach)
Charlie Manuel (manager)
Michael Martínez (SP, second printing only)
John Mayberry, Jr.
Laynce Nix
Jonathan Papelbon
Hunter Pence (SP, first printing only)
Sam Perlozzo (coach)
Juan Pierre
Placido Polanco
Jason Pridie (SP, first printing only)
B.J. Rosenberg (SP, second printing only)
Jimmy Rollins
Carlos Ruiz
Juan Samuel (coach)
Brian Sanches (SP, first printing only)
Joe Savery
Nate Schierholtz (SP, second printing only)
Brian Schneider
Michael Schwimer
Chase Utley
Raúl Valdes
Shane Victorino (SP, first printing only)
Ty Wigginton
Vance Worley
Phillie Phanatic
Phillies Broadcasters

3 responses to “2012 Phillies Team Issue Second Edition

  1. Dennis Orlandini

    Looks like they used the July 31 Trade Deadline as the dividing line and issued a second set based on roster changes effected at the Deadline immediately following the deadline (early August) . Thanks for posting this. i was unaware that they issued a second version of this set.

    • What was really frustrating was that the second version of this set was released incredibly late in the season — well after the trade deadline (check out the link to The Phillies Room and how he found out about the second version of this set).

    • Dennis, not only is there a second edition, but there is a second printing of the second edition.

      Whenever the Phillies do a second edition, it is both obvious (you can note the difference, at least for the past 3 years) and also publicized (the vendors walk around with a sign that says “second edition” or something like that.

      But when they do a second printing with different cards, sometimes it is impossible to tell unless you open it up and look inside. As I recall from last year, I even asked a vendor or two whether there were any differences and he said no, but then I saw a Schierholtz card on eBay and realized there must have been one and the vendors weren’t even aware of it. Only by calling or emailing the Phillies after the season did I find out for certain.

      In 2011 when they did a second printing it was somewhat apparent because Pence was added to it and his card was put as the first card in the set, so I was able to notice it much more easily.

      None of which is annoying to me because I love a challenge!

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