Unplanned Hiatus Over — This Time I Mean It

Featured Cards: 2007 Topps Turkey Red #1, Ryan Howard; 2000 Pacific Crown Collection #212, Alex Arias

I cannot pretend that I didn’t already make a “hiatus over” post the day before my last entry on this blog. For what little it’s worth, when I wrote it I really thought I would be returning to posting regularly. However, a combination of factors very quickly proved me wrong. The most important of these factors — one that I didn’t truly appreciate until the past couple weeks or so — was that trying to post these checklists at the rate I was producing them caused me to massively burn out. By itself, simply keeping up with the new issues and all the associated inserts and parallels, even with Topps is the only MLB-authorized manufacturer, really is a Herculean task. However, I was simultaneously maintaining/building the Phillies collection, reformatting the tracking spreadsheets as I go, and keeping up with all the other things in day-to-day life. Without intending to, I spread myself way too thin, and this blog wasn’t the only project I temporarily abandoned.

But, I’m back now, and this time I mean it. I will continue with posting the checklists, but it’s now obvious that there’s no way that one day I will have everything online in the manner I was shooting for — I’ll just have to view this a never-ending project. Furthermore, my hiatus allowed me the contemplative time me to realize that I needed to post more of my thoughts about the hobby, my feelings about my favorite team on the planet, and just plain show off my collection. Yes, the checklists served as a means to display elements of my collection, but not necessarily in the manner I would otherwise choose to do so.

Having said all that, moving forward I will predominantly post checklists by request. I have a few older requests I haven’t forgotten, and I will work on getting those online slowly over the coming fortnight or so. In the meantime, I have some other stuff I’m ready to post about as well. My batteries are now fully charged after being away for 11 weeks, and hopefully I be much more careful about avoiding burnout in the future.


5 responses to “Unplanned Hiatus Over — This Time I Mean It

  1. I’ve said in comments on other’s sites before, but, I only post now when I feel absolutely no pressure to do so.

    I say this because if you don’t you are just adding stress to your life and nobody is holding any of us to a schedule.

    Like most of us bloggers, I am not a regular poster(or commentor)but I don’t expect myself or others to comment on every post posted every day or we all would fry our brains in a short time.

    Just blog when you want to and what you want to. Your blog, your rules.

    And just remember we all have the same nervousness and itchiness when it comes to blogging.

    Remember when you first started and it was all brand new and you had huge butterflies in your belly? I sure do.

    Just don’t let those butterflies turn into ulcers.

    Have fun! On your terms!

    • Thank you for the kind words. Although this site was my first regular blog about baseball cards, I’ve been writing online/blogging for over 10 years. Therefore, I didn’t really have butterflies about starting this blog. However, I got really caught up in the excitement of making the Online Phillies Database Project work, and somewhere along the way I personally developed some sort of obligation to this blog — especially in regards to relatively timely posting of checklists of the new product as it came out. My accepting that there’s just no way the Database Project will ever really happen in its entirety (not without it turning into a unpaid, full-time job) was a major step in finally letting the burnout go and being able to start up again.

      Maybe one day (say, 25 years or so from now when I retire) I’ll be in a proper position to really make the Database Project happen. In the meantime, I’ll just post checklists as I can.

  2. Welcome back and ditto what Zebbers said. This gig should be fun – first and foremost.

    Looking forward to future checklists and posts!

  3. Welcome back! Glad to have your blog back on my daily reading!

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