2001 Donruss Retro 2000

Set Type: Insert
Card dimensions: 2½” x 3½”
Parallels: Stat Line Career; Stat Line Season
Additional Information: Inserted in packs of 2001 Donruss. There was no actual 2000 Donruss issue, and Donruss designed this insert set to simulate what the 2000 Donruss set might have looked like had it been released. The design is actually nearly identical to the 2000 Donruss football set. The Stat Line Career and Stat Line Season parallels were serial numbered based on a specific career or season statistic for each player. In the checklist below, the print runs for each of the parallels is listed in parentheses after each players name, with the Career print run preceded by “C” and the Season print run preceded by a “S.”

Curt Schilling (C: 338; S: 152)
Scott Rolen (C:297; S: 26)
Bobby Abreu (C: 209; S: 11)

5 responses to “2001 Donruss Retro 2000

  1. Thanks! I mentioned recently on my blog there’s a gaping hole in my Phillies collection from 2000 through 2005. I’m looking forward to updating my want lists for these years and tracking down these cards – starting with the retro Donruss cards. I just think it’s a cool concept.

    • A few months back, you left a comment about the Donruss sets for this period, and it’s part of the reason why I chose to run this checklist. I plan on running a few more from 2001-2005 over the next few days before jumping around again.

  2. I have some of the 1999 retro cards, but have never seen the 2000 design until now.

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