2000 Aurora

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions: 2½” x 3½”
Parallels: Premiere Date, serial numbered to 52
Partial Parallels: Card numbers 111 & 112 only. Pinstripe; Pinstripe Premiere Date, serial numbered to 52
Inserts: Dugout View Net-Fusions, Scouting Report
Manufacturer: Pacific
14,000 Phillies Commentary: Thanks to the glut of material from the ’90s through the present and the shrinking collector base, I was able to recently buy a complete 2000 Aurora set off of eBay for just $7.99, shipping and handling included. Mind you, the full set is only 151 cards, but considering the selling price for brand new Topps Traded sets back in the mid-to-late ’80s, it seemed like an incredible bargain.

Bobby Abreu
Doug Glanville
Mike Lieberthal
Scott Rolen
Curt Schilling

2 responses to “2000 Aurora

  1. Great pickup.

    Love that set.

    The funny thing about the 1990’s-early 2000’s glut of cards is that Pacific is the hardest to find of any of the manufacturers.

    I always love to browse bbcexchange.com and browse through all the bargain wax and dream of ripping all that junk wax, but when a Pacific box appears there is a marked premium on them.

    They simply did not overproduce like everyone else did. Which is why your pickup was a great deal.

    • I never really gave much thought to Pacific’s production at the time, but since you mentioned it, I went on eBay and discovered there really is a dearth of complete Pacific sets from any year available at what I could call bargain prices. Because I’ve recently become interested in picking up complete, inexpensive sets, I’ll have to expand my searches to see if/when I can get a similar deal on another Pacific set.

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