2002 Fleer Triple Crown

2002 Fleer Triple Crown Burrell Front2002 Fleer Triple Crown Burrell Back

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions: 2½” x 3½”
Partial Parallels: Batting Average; Home Run; RBI. All parallels are serial numbered on the back and print runs vary by player. Batting Average parallels feature green foil, Home Run parallels feature red foil, and the RBI parallels feature blue foil. More about parallels in the Additional Information/14,000 Phillies Commentary section.
Inserts: None. Set has inserts, but no Phillies appear in any of them.
Additional Information/14,000 Phillies Commentary: By the time this set was released, varying the print runs for the parallels had been going on for some time. However, at least in the case of this set, the choice of print runs actually made sense given the name of the set: the print run for each of the player’s parallels is based on his correlating Triple Crown stat for 2001. In the checklist below, these three stats/print runs are listed in the traditional slash line fashion in parenthesis following the player’s name.

However, these were partial parallels, so not all the players in the set received parallels — nor is there any obvious reason why certain cards did not receive the parallel treatment. Lieberthal is the only Phillie not issued any parallel cards.

Travis Lee (258/20/90)
Marlon Anderson (293/11/61)
Scott Rolen (289/25/107)
Mike Lieberthal
Bobby Abreu (289/31/110)
Pat Burrell (258/27/89)
Jimmy Rollins (274/14/54)

3 responses to “2002 Fleer Triple Crown

  1. Too bad they didn’t do one of Eric Valent. The numbers would have been 098/0/1. Now that would have been a limited print run!

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