MLB, Topps & Pete Rose Redux

Featured Card: 1980 Topps #540, Pete Rose

A few weeks ago, I found myself arguing that Topps essentially had no choice and couldn’t mention Pete Rose by name when referring to the all-time hits record. However, earlier this week I encountered another collector at Target who brought to my attention some new information that changes my previous position 1980 Topps Rose Fronton the matter and renders Topps’s argument invalid. To whit, the text on the back of Austin Jackson’s 2013 Topps Chasing History Relics card (#CHR-AJA):

“Five stats — two Jacksons. When he filled the hits component on September 29, 2010, Austin became just the second AL rookie in a century to stockpile 100 runs, 180 hits, 30 doubles, 10 triple and 25 stolen bases. Joe was the earlier — 99 years earlier.”

So, let’s get this straight. Topps couldn’t mention Pete Rose by name because of MLB’s ban but was able to mention Joe Jackson, who in theory is subject to the same ban? Sorry, Topps, you just suffered a logic fail.

My previous defense of Topps is hereby retracted.

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