2012 Photo File Phillies Picture Pack

2012 Photo File Header2012 Photo File Rollins

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions: 5″ x 7″
Additional Information: Issued during the 2012 season, this four-photo pack was distributed in Philadelphia-area retail outlets. Photo File primarily sells fully licensed 8″ x 10″ photos of players via their website, and it’s likely these photos represented a different attempt at distributing their product. The white-bordered photos are blank-banked and unnumbered, and they contain the MLBPA, MLB, and Photo File logos in the lower-left corner of the photo. The Halladay and Rollins photos picture them in ’70s-’80s era throwback uniforms while the Pence and Worley photos depict them in the Phillies’ alternate home day uniforms. As of the time of this entry, all four photos are still available in an 8″ x 10″ format from the Photo File website.

Roy Halladay
Hunter Pence
Jimmy Rollins
Vance Worley

2 responses to “2012 Photo File Phillies Picture Pack

  1. Dennis Orlandini

    What do you think of the large postcard sized photo set that the Phillies offer each year. It’s a tradition I hope they continue. Photos are nice-sized featuring good closeups in general. A few problems I’d cite with these team issued sets are (A) They are usually taken in Spring Training so some guys have wraparound sun glasses that obscure their faces quite a bit. (B.) Some years they wait until just after Opening Day to take the photos and photos taken at night games can come out very dark. (C) Due to the Phillies primary team color being red, some photos have come out too red and are a little hard on the eyes..
    On the whole they are a nice addition to collectors and its fortunate that the Phillies offer these photo sets annually to their fans.

    • I just posted about the 1993 Medford-sponsored set, and some of my thoughts about the team sets in general are there. In addition those comments, I agree about the overwhelming use of spring training photos, but the Phillies’ relatively recent decision to put out a brand new set midyear helps to mitigate that. I do wish the cards were either standard baseball card sized or standard postcard size as it would make for easier storage. However, they’ve stuck to the the same size for nearly 25 years now, and it’s hard to imagine the Phillies would change now — especially since somewhat paradoxically their larger size makes it easier for their stadium vendors to handle them.

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