1993 Phillies Medford Team Issue

 1993 Medford Jordan Front1993 Medford Jordan Back

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions: 4″ x 6″
Additional Information/14,000 Phillies Commentary: This marks the fifth straight year that the Phillies used the same design for their Team Issue Set, having started with it in 1989. As with all over Phillies team-issued sets, the cards are not sequentially numbered, instead bearing the player’s uniform number. In the checklist below, the cards are listed in alphabetical order by last name and assigned numbers accordingly.

Admittedly, I got out of the habit over the past few months, but one of the reasons I started posted checklists on this site is that I felt the checklists I compiled over my years of collecting were frequently more useful than the information you can find in Beckett nor Sports Collectors Digest, and I wanted to share the information with other collectors. However, I don’t pretend to know everything there is to know about Phillies cards. Sometimes, I still learn things about sets I thought I completed years (if not decades) ago.

Last week, a regular commenter, Steve, gave me advance notice that he found some variations in the 1993 Medford Phillies Team Issue set and was going to post about them in a comment over on The Phillies Room. As promised, he did, and earlier today Jim, the blogger over at The Phillies Room, put together a post that talked about how Steve’s discovery had helped solve a small mystery regarding his collection and the 1993 Medford Phillies Team Issue set.

Even before Steve’s discovery, I knew that Beckett’s checklist for the set was incomplete. As briefly as possible, the 1993 Team Issue set was different from most because in addition to the release at the beginning of the year (the only cards listed by Beckett) and the mid-summer update, the Phillies further updated the set late in the season, inserting a card for Bobby Thigpen, and creating variations for four other Phillies. Unfortunately, and this continues to be true, the Phillies did a very poor job of communicating this late season revision to the set. I know this because I went to no less than four games that September, and I assure you if I had known about the updates, I would have purchased the set to ensure my set was fully up-to-date and complete.

Generally speaking, I love the Phillies Team Issue sets, if for no other reason than they frequently contain the only Phillies card you will ever see for many players (a personal favorite is the Don Robinson update in 1992). However, the Phillies lack of communication with collectors regarding updates and changes to the sets is downright maddening at times. If it hadn’t been for Jim, I would’ve never known about the late update to last year’s Team Issue Second Edition, and if it hadn’t been for utter dumb luck I never would’ve known about the fact that the 2010 Team Issue Second Edition was revised very shortly after its initial release. I love the updates — I just wish the team would better communicate when they occur and make them available individually.

Kyle Abbott
Ruben Amaro, Jr.
Larry Andersen
Bob Ayrault
Kim Batiste
Juan Bell
Larry Bowa (coach)
Wes Chamberlain
Darren Daulton
Darren Daulton (SP; dugout background, late season variation)
Jose DeLeon
Mariano Duncan
Lenny Dykstra
Jim Eisenreich
Jim Fregosi (manager)
Tyler Green (SP; mid-season update)
Tommy Greene (stadium seats in background)
Tommy Greene (SP; dugout in background, late season variation)
Dave Hollins
Pete Incaviglia
Danny Jackson
Ricky Jordan
John Kruk
Jeff Manto (SP; mid-season update)
Roger Mason (SP; mid-season update)
Denis Menke (coach)
Mickey Morandini (dark background, nothing visible)
Mickey Morandini (SP; dugout in background, late season variation)
Terry Mulholland
Johnny Podres (coach)
Todd Pratt
Ben Rivera
Mel Roberts (coach)
Mike Ryan (coach)
Curt Schilling
Kevin Stocker
Bobby Thigpen (SP; late season addition)
Milt Thompson
John Vukovich
David West
Mike Williams
Mitch Williams (dark background, glove visible)
Mitch Williams (SP; bright background, late season variation)
The 1993 Phillies NL All-Stars (SP; mid-season update)
Phillie Phanatic

2 responses to “1993 Phillies Medford Team Issue

  1. Re the Phils’ haphazard communication about updates, I suspect we, the collectors, know more about what they have put out than they do, at least once we get a year or more out from the date of issuance. (Perhaps that’s more of a historical knowledge issue and less one of communication that I am pointing out.)

    Pre-1983 (which is the year the sets changed from B&W to color, and also AFAIK when they started selling them rather than sending them only in response to mail requests), I imagine no one knows for sure what is out there–there is Beckett and a few other sites, but a lot of it is guesswork, which is not surprising given how they were distributed.

    However from 1983 to present, you’d think we would know, but we really still have a lot of unknowns. For example, I have cards in my collection (and I have to check the copyrights for the years) cards of players like Garry Maddox and Dave Cash issued years after they last played for the Phils, in the style of the then-current set. (IIRC, those two were in one of the 1989-94 sets.) Both copies I have are signed, so maybe they were issued for events where those guys made appearances.

    Two more examples, from Phillies Room Jim’s White Whales list:
    – 1996 Phillies Team Issue Lee Tinsley
    – 1998 Phillies Team Issue Jon Zuber

    I don’t know anything about the Tinsley, but the Zuber card I saw on eBay (only after the auction ended), but I had never seen it otherwise; so who knows when or how that was issued.

    Anyway, it makes it fun to try to track these down. But I agree that it is annoying that they don’t mention any later printings of these sets–and you would think it would increase sales if they did.

  2. One more thing–for some even harder-to-find team issue cards, these from the Reading (nee) Phillies, look no further than:

    1985: Jeff Rogovin (president of Pro Cards, which issued the R-Phils set; depicted in the stadium with a front and back that make it fit into the team set)

    1986: Sillie Phillie (mascot), Ron Kimball (Director of Marketing), Julian McCracken (General Manager), Jim Pollock and Ducky Turner cards (Stadium Commission members)

    1987: Jason Bowman (batboy), John Kameisha (Business Manager), Chris Lucchese (batboy), Walter Kruszewski (Stadium Commission member), Julian McCracken (General Manager), Mike Schaeffer (batboy), Craig Stein (Owner)

    1988: Phil Johnston (bus driver)

    I have no idea how most of these were publicly issued, but I know a collector who has all of these in his team sets (I have several, but not all). I do know that the Pollock and Turner cards, at least, were at least one time made available at the beer stand, but I was a teenager then and so (to my eternal regret) didn’t venture over there to pick them up. Now those two cards are depicted on a wall at the stadium as large blow-ups.

    I’d really love to see the bus driver card!

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