1967 Philadelphia Phillies Team Picture Pack

1967 Team Issue Envelope1967 Phillies Picture Pack Bunning

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions:
5” x 7”
Additional Information/14,000 Phillies Commentary: Photos are blank-backed, and neither Beckett, SCD’s 2011 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards, nor The Trading Card Database list this set. It is similar to the yearly Jay Publishing photo sets of 1958-1965 in that the photos are the same size and the set contains 12 photos. However, there are easily discernible differences: this set is printed on plain paper, rather than glossy; the team name as simply listed as “Phillies,” rather than listing “Philadelphia Phillies;” and the font on the front is similar to the 1958-1961 Jay Publishing issues rather than the ones used from 1962-1965. This makes the set incredibly similar to the 1958 Philadelphia Phillies Team Picture Pack.

This set literally became part of my collection just a couple hours ago. I was a little surprised when I received the set because the original eBay listing advertised it as 1966 set rather than a 1967 and mentioned only 10 photos. However, the seller most likely just didn’t thumb through the photos very carefully — the course surface of the paper causes the prints to stick together in a manner similar to that of new dollar bills. As for the confusion regarding the year, the inclusion of Ellsworth means that this set could only have been released in 1967. Interestingly, the Phillies sold Groat to the Giants on June 22 of that season, leaving open the possibility that this set was updated as the season progressed.

Finally, the reverse negative on the Bunning photo is just mind-blowing. I literally cannot imagine how that particular mistake got by the printer — the usual visual clues that help disguise a revered negative, such as team name not visible on the jersey or a symmetrical letter on the cap, just aren’t here. Somebody really wasn’t paying attention on this one.

Dick Allen
Johnny Briggs
Jim Bunning (uncorrected error: photo reversed)
Johnny Callison
Clay Dalrymple
Dick Ellsworth
Tony González
Dick Groat
Larry Jackson
Cookie Rojas
Chris Short
Bill White

2 responses to “1967 Philadelphia Phillies Team Picture Pack

  1. Dennis Orlandini

    I saw this item for sale at one of the card shops in Cooperstown. I’d guess they are faily rare.

    • That’s my guess as well. I try hard to acquire items like this when they become available because they were almost always printed in smaller quantities than the regular Topps issues.

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