Glimmer of Light in Last Night’s Game

Featured Card: 2013 Topps Opening Day Blue Sparkle #112, Chase Utley

2013 Topps OD Utley Blue FrontI don’t place any importance on the first game of the season — as much as every baseball fan wants to see their team win the season opener, winning it is not an indicator of success for the upcoming season. Nonetheless, given the Utley’s injury troubles over the past few years, it was awesome to see him come out and play like he did last night. Unfortunately, Hamel’s first turn as Opening Day starter was a bust, as was Chad Durbin’s first game back with the Phils.

In addition to the obvious reasons, I chose this card to discuss last night’s game just to mention how awesome the Opening Day Blue Sparkle parallels look. My usual preference is to just pick up a card or two from a particular parallel series just to have representation for it in my collection, but within reason — I refuse to spend more than a few bucks on a parallel, no matter how small the print run is (I’m talking about you, 2013 Topps Pink and Black parallels). However, given how well the blue borders work with the Phillies logo and uniforms, I may very actually take the time to put this parallel team set together.


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