More Topps Photoshop Disasters

Featured Card: 2013 Topps Gypsy Queen #293, Delmon Young

2013 Gypsy D Young FrontTopps finally managed what I thought was impossible. With all the computer technology at their disposal, they released a Photoshop job on Delmon Young that was so awful that it brought to mind the horrible airbrush and drawn-in logos of the 1970s. Seriously, take a good look at Young’s helmet; is that the best job one of their in-house artists could do? Did they not have at least one photo of a Phillies hitter in a similar pose whose helmet could have been somewhat adequately cut-and-pasted? And then there’s the woeful attempt to add the red and white stripes at the bottom of the sleeve and down the side of the pants. I sincerely doubt the final job was compared side-by-side to a Phillie in a road uniform to check if it even looked passable. Was the deadline to complete this particular touch-up job so tight that the people at Topps just said to themselves, “Fuck it”? I’d really rather they just did nothing and issue the card with him as a member of the Tigers.

My nine-year-old could’ve done a better job.

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