Featured Card: 2002 Topps Autographs #TA-JR, Jimmy Rollins

I2002 Topps Autographs Rollins‘d be lying if I said that my most recent hiatus from posting here wasn’t at least partially in part due to the way the Phillies have started this season. However, I do actually have another reason: the resurrection of another pet project that has been on “indefinite hiatus” for nearly five years. The act of juggling posts to this site, writing to my personal blog, and, now, resurrecting Some Fantastic and keeping it afloat should be rather interesting. In the meantime, the march to adding #18,000 to the collection is nearly complete. The addition of the 2013 Bowman Phillies team set will almost certainly be the acquisition that puts me over the mark — I will, however, need to actually purchase one off of eBay first.


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