Mother’s Day, 1993

Featured Card: 1994 Pacific Latino All-Star Team #8, Mariano Duncan

1994 Pacific All-Latino DuncanThe actual anniversary of the game was a few days ago, but given that today is Mother’s Day saying that today is the 20th anniversary of the 1993 Mother’s Day game is not completely incorrect. The game was 4th game I attended at The Vet that year, and it was probably the one that cemented my belief that the ’93 squad was indeed something special. I went to the game specifically to forget some personal drama from which I wanted to distance myself, but by the 8th inning I was actually in a worse mood. The Cardinals were ahead 5-1, and Lee Smith, one of the best closers in the game, was a part of their bullpen. Furthermore, I forgot the old cliche about the sun in May being just as strong as the sun in July, and thanks to the fact I went in sandals & shorts, sans sunscreen, I was already painfully sunburned. Things were looking miserable until what seemed to be the impossible happened: the Phillies scored five runs in the bottom of the 8th, with the go-ahead run being scored on a Mariano Duncan grand slam that sailed quite easily over the left-center wall — with Lee Smith on the mound, no less. At that moment, my sunburn and personal problems were completely forgotten.

Given their anemic offensive display thus far, it’s hard to imagine this year’s club winning very many games like this one (if any). While I never want to be as miserable as I was on that Sunday afternoon, I would certainly love to see such a turnaround again the next time the Phillies are down by four runs going into the eighth.


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