1988 Topps Revco League Leaders

 1988 Revco Tekulve1988 Revco Tekulve Back

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions: 2½” x 3½”
Additional Information/14,000 Phillies Commentary: One of the many 33-card box sets produced by Topps throughout the mid-to-late ’80s. Topps produced this set for the Revco drug store retail chain. SCD’s 2011 Standard Catalog simply lists the set as “1988 Revco,” which is interesting because Fleer also produced a boxed set for Revco that year.

Some day, when my son is old enough, I will explain to him that when I was his age, the major card companies each only produced one set per year, and that finding these box sets was the closest we came to “chase” cards. In fact, I didn’t properly acquire all the Phillies from the various Topps and Fleer box sets until sometime during the late ’90s. Thanks to eBay, I know now how overproduced they really were — especially given the overwhelmingly regional distribution of so many of the sets — and that most of them can still be had for the same price it cost to buy them when they were new. Frequently, you can get them for less.

Juan Samuel
Kent Tekulve
Steve Bedrosian

2 responses to “1988 Topps Revco League Leaders

  1. I have a whole box of these box sets. I doubt I have all of them. They were about $3 each then, and they are about $3 each now, as you note.

    The whole fad started with the infamous 1982 K-Mart set, which came out at about $2.99 IIRC. However, I remember it once being a blue light special for 10 cents a set–crazy but true!

    • Yes, I remember important that Kmart set was to the proliferation of boxed sets. Interestingly, no one else had one in ’83 or ’84. It wasn’t until ’85 that we started to see them produced again, and they didn’t seem to really explode until ’87. That year, I count 13 different boxed sets produced by Topps and Fleer (I only five in ’86).

      (Those counts only include sets containing Phillies cards — it is possible that the numbers are slightly higher, provided Topps or Fleer produced a box set that didn’t include any Phillies.)

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