Jersey Etiquette

Featured Card: 2004 Fleer Platinum #54, Randy Wolf

Tomorrow I’ll be going to my first Phillies game of the year. Living in Northern Virginia means that I almost exclusively see the Phillies only when they visit DC, and even though I’ve lived in the region for 15 years now, I’m just as unwelcome as any other Phillies fan when I show up in my cap and jersey.

2004 Platinum Wolf FrontFor me, there’s an extra bonus in going to tomorrow’s game: I’ll be wearing my Randy Wolf jersey for the first time since 2006. Yes, I follow some sort of weird jersey etiquette that I may have actually made up. After a player leaves the team, I don’t get rid of the jersey — I hold on to it and start wearing it again once he either retires or returns to the team. I’ve left my Wolf home jersey, which bears the final year of Veterans Stadium patch, sitting on its hanger since he departed via free agency for Los Angeles. Interestingly, its return to active rotation basically coincides with my leaving my Joe Blanton jersey untouched until the proper time comes.

I may very well be wrong about this, but based his 2013 performance thus far, I probably won’t have to wait another seven years before wearing the Blanton jersey again.

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