Whither Galvis?

Featured Card: 2009 Bowman Sterling Prospects #BSP-FG, Freddy Galvis

2009 Bowman Sterling Prospect GalvisI am still waiting on my 2013 Topps Series 2 Phillies team set to arrive in the mail. In the meantime, it did not escape my notice when I scanned the set’s checklist that it does not contain a Freddy Galvis card. Thus, Topps has still not issued a Freddy Galvis since his MLB debut at the beginning of 2012. Therefore, he still doesn’t have an officially MLB/MLBPA-sanctioned rookie card — because the Prospect insert cards distributed with Bowman sets do not count, for a semantic reason that continues to baffle me. (Interestingly, Beckett assigns “rookie card” status to a couple of his Panini cards last year, but I wonder just how many collectors will actually consider them legitimate rookie cards.)

He has now played in over 100 ML games. So, why no rookie card? Tyler Cloyd, Darin Ruf, and Steven Lerud (!) have all received multiple rookie cards, and Phillippe Aumont just received his first card. Yet, Galvis, who has spent more days on an MLB roster than those four combined, continues to be shut out. Is Topps enacting its own form of punishment for Galvis’s PED suspension last year? If so, why hasn’t it punished other players similarly, like Carlos Ruiz or J.C. Romero? These are just a couple of the many questions I would love to have someone at Topps answer for me. (Most of the other questions are completely unrelated to Galvis.)

Until Topps finally decides that Galvis is worthy of insertion into one of their sets, the only options to get Galvis cards are through the MLBPA-only sanctioned issues, the Phillies team sets, and his previous Bowman Prospect inserts. To date, I actually own three of those Bowman cards. However, I would love to see more standard-sized issues.


2 responses to “Whither Galvis?

  1. steveinphilly

    For over a year I have thought I had a Freddy Galvis signed Phillies card in my autographed team card collection, but this post had me checking it, and I just discovered that the card, a 2011 Topps Pro Debut Solo Signatures #FG Freddy Galvis, depicts him clearly as a Reading Phil. D’ohh! Well, I still like it, but now I feel the need to try to get one of those minor league cards where his jersey says merely “Phillies” signed–they can pass as Phils cards better than the R-Phils one.

    P.S. I’m afraid you may have cursed him–he was sent to the minors right after this post!

    • I don’t know if you’ve already discovered it, but he does have an autograph insert: 2008 Bowman Draft Signs of the Future in which he is noted with the parent club. Card #SOF-FG, and there is currently one on eBay at this time.

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