Card #18,250

Featured Card: 2010 Topps Commemorative Patch #MCP-45, Chase Utley

Yes, this is — to the best of my 2010 Topps Commemorative Patch Utleycounting anyway — card #18,250 in my collection. (Actually, item #18,250 as I also count coins, stickers and other items as “cards.”) Although I haven’t been posting for the past few weeks, I have been working diligently on placing all my various Excel spreadsheets and checklists into one big searchable/sortable file, which now contains over 27,000 items. The truly scary part is that I am not even half done yet as most of 1991-2008 still needs to be imported into the file. As part of assembling this file, I am also rechecking it against my collection. I know that given the size of the collection I shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that I have found errors (that is, cards incorrectly listed as either owned or missing) as I’ve plowed through this project. However, I still find it disconcerting nonetheless. The cool thing is that by cross-referencing my own lists against a variety of other sources, I am discovering items that were just flat-out missing from my original lists. My personal favorite: a few 1991 Classic game cards that for whatever reason weren’t in my checklists. They now have a place of honor in my want lists.

To celebrate #18,250, I am posting the current version of the file online (you can download it by clicking here). I’ve been working on this thing for over two years now, and at my current rate of my progress I estimate I’ll be finished sometime in 2017. At least, I hope to be finished by then. Anyway, I hope a few of you find it helpful. Please keep in mind it is very much a work in progress — especially in regards to the 2011-present entries, which I know are not complete. If you think you spot an error, please feel free to reach out to me and let me know.

I hope to resume semi-regular posting sometime this weekend with my long-overdue review of 2013 Topps Archives.


2 responses to “Card #18,250

  1. Congrats on card #18,250 and keep up the great work!

  2. Very helpful database too–thanks!

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