Nitpicky Annoyance

Featured Card: Leaf Certified Materials Fabric of the Game Signature Position #FG-145, Curt Schilling

I know I said this past Friday that I was going to post the newest version of the database this weekend, and I apologize for not doing so. I’ll rectify this either tomorrow or Tuesday. In the meantime, another matter — something in the grand scheme of things I shouldn’t get annoyed about — has grabbed my blogging attention. Simply put, as a Phillies fan and collector, I have to state that Panini’s insistence thus far on issuing Curt Schilling cards only as a member of the Red Sox and Lenny Dykstra only as a member of the Mets is flat-out annoying.

On one hand, I should probably be a little grateful — I don’t have an unlimited budget and fewer Dykstra and Schilling cards depicting either of them as a Phillie (especially in Panini’s2004 Leaf CM FOG Sign Schilling newest offering, America’s Pastime) is probably better for me in the long run. Furthermore, Schilling’s high-profile standing on two different title-winning Red Sox teams really does justify Panini’s handling of his cards thus far. However, there’s one little fact that undermines Panini’s choices regarding Dykstra and Schilling up to this point: both of them played played the majority their careers with the Phillies.

Look, I get that Panini wants to pander to Boston and New York fans. It makes economic sense. Furthermore, I know that they haven’t been producing decent quality (designation is debatable) sets for very long at this time. However, is it too much to ask from Panini to issue the occasional card of Schilling or Dykstra as a Phillie? After all they made such a card for Tony Pérez, and there really was little reason to expect such a card from them.


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