Cards That Just Annoy The Crap Out of Me

Update, March 3, 2014: I have posted an update and correction to the information on the Kendrick card below.

Featured Cards: 2013 Topps #71(b), Kyle Kendrick (“error” variation); 2009 Topps Heritage 1960 Cut Signatures #HCS-RA, Richie Ashburn

2013 Topps Kendrick ErrorWhen Topps released its 2013 Update Series, it included what might be the ugliest, stupidest, and downright most insulting baseball card ever: the Kyle Kendricks “error” variation. I’ve collected all the Phillies veteran and photo variations issued by Topps since they started issuing them, but this particular error gimmick is beyond the pale. I cannot even begin to comprehend why anyone would think this was a great idea for a card — has any major card company ever issued a card in error that was so badly cropped that the player’s face wasn’t in it? No, it’s never happened, and it never will happen because it takes so many layers of incompetency that such a card company would’ve already filed for bankruptcy before being able issue such an atrocity. Yet, because it’s so short-printed, every copy that’s shown up on eBay has sold for $60 or more. The fact that I have no desire to add it to my collection says an awful lot, because I’m just about as OCD as team collectors come.

2009 Topps Heritage Cut Signatures AshburnYet, the disgust I feel towards Topps for this card pales in comparison to the animosity I harbor as a result of the Ashburn relic-cut autograph card that Topps produced for Heritage in 2009. It was bad enough that Topps found an incredibly rare, (supposedly) game-worn Ashburn Phillies uniform and cut it to pieces (which ended up in a number of other inserts over the following years), but they added insult to injury by including it on a card that they designate him as member of the Cubs. Yes, I understand that the 1960 Topps set, which 2009 Topps Heritage recycled, included Ashburn as a Cub. However, when you’re producing a 1/1 card of arguably the most beloved figure in Philadelphia sports history and that card includes both a cut autograph and a fragment of one his Phillies uniforms, you come up with a reason to make damn sure that the card designates him as a member of the Phillies.

It’s crap like these two cards that offset all the joy I get out of cards like the John Kruk & Carlos Ruiz dual autograph card I wrote about yesterday.

(Note: Both card images retrieved from eBay auctions.)

10 responses to “Cards That Just Annoy The Crap Out of Me

  1. Travis Galleberg

    Wow. I think that Kendrick card is cool. Is it an error?

    • Technically, no. It’s an “error gimmick” that Topps included in packs of 2013 Topps Update Series. It’s in the same class of cards as the other photo and veteran variations. A true error (assuming it really was some sort of mistake) would have appeared in packs of 2013 Topps Series 1.

  2. Error card? No. But there is little debating that this card focusing on the crotch of someone they tell us is Kyle Kendrick was a mistake.

    • Actually, if you compare this to Kendrick’s regular 2013 Topps card, you’ll see it clearly is Kyle Kendrick’s crotch (same photo, recropped) — not that we wanted to get that close and personal.

  3. I just looked it up on eBay. This card p***es me off even more than seeing Ruben Amaro does.

    Topps and the Phillies, be happy. We hate screw-ups like those because we love you. If we didn’t love you, we wouldn’t care either way.

  4. I got the Kendricks card in my Topps Factory set – not used to sets having errors/variations…

    • Congratulations — I think. 🙂 I got a couple of the variations in packs of 2013 Topps Update — most notably a Puig I’m still sitting on and should have really posted to eBay a while ago. It seems odd that it came in a Factory Set — I just assumed the Kendrick “error” was in packs of 2013 Update because that’s when they started appearing online. Which factory set, in particular, did you get? It might be worth it for me to investigate if all the factory sets of that particular packaging have the error.

  5. My factory set was the complete series one and two with Hank Aaron on the cover – I think my folks got it from Target.

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