Running Reports on the Collection

Featured John Kruk cards: 2005 Upper Deck Artifacts MLB Game-Used Apparel Autographs #MLB-JK; 2013 Panini America’s Pastime Characters of the Game #CG5; 2005 Upper Deck Classics Post Season Performers Materials #PP-JK

I have many reasons for creating the Phillies Baseball Card Database, but one of the biggest was that my previous system of Excel spreadsheets — which basically involved a separate spreadsheet for each year and was not actually arranged in a manner that made 2005 UD Artifacts Apparel Auto Krukfor easy data crunching — made it very difficult for me to easily glean certain types of information about my collection. Yes, I could quickly and easily calculate how many cards I had from a given year and then sum those totals to determine the total number of cards in my collection, but that was the total extent of my ability to quickly take statistical snapshots of my collection. For instance, although I kept track of whether a card bore an autograph or a swatch of memorabilia, it was only with great deal patience and a no small amount of time could I tell you how many autograph cards I had for a particular player.

Although the database is still incomplete, it now contains all but 125 cards of my collection. This means I can now actually gather information regarding particular players and/or types of cards — so long as I know that all the cards necessary for the report are in the database. For example, I now have all my John Kruk cards in the database, so I was able to run a couple data searches on the2013 Panini AP COG Kruk collection to determine the following about the John Kruk cards in my collection:

Total number of cards: 283
Solo autograph-only cards: 25
Multi-player autograph cards: 3
Autographed memorabilia cards: 5
Solo memorabilia cards (no autograph): 12
Multi-player memorabilia cards: 4

I can go on by giving parallel and insert counts, number of Kruk cards by year, as well as a few other pieces of data, but I’m certain you get the idea. Just about the only thing I cannot do is quickly determine how many unique Kruk cards I own. This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg though — there are all sorts of pieces of information I can start gathering. I’ve already ran a few other preliminary data reports, and I now know for certain that I have more Mike Schmidt cards than any other player, though that’s still an incomplete number. What was really surprising, however, was the individual who holds the second spot for most cards in my collection: Scott Rolen. That one still boggles my mind.

2005 UD Classics PPP KrukI don’t know when exactly I’ll have all my collection in the database. Although getting my collection into the database as soon as possible is one of my primary factors when deciding what sets to place next into the database, I’m not making that the overriding factor for a couple reasons, not the least of which is that I need to easily track what still needs to be added and where I am in the middle of any given set and its associated inserts and parallels. Still, the thought of just dumping the remaining 125 cards into the database is an enticing one — I can’t wait to see what type of additional facts I can learn about my collection once it is all in there.


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