Taking the Time to Do It Right

Featured Card: 2013 Panini America’s National Pastime Majestic Marks #MM-LB, Larry Bowa; 2008 2008 UD Premier The Premier Card #(PCN), Steve Carlton

Yesterday, I described why it made 2013 Panini America Pastime MM Bowasense for Panini to use the 1922 American Caramel Series of 240 set as the basis for a retro-themed set. However, before Panini can do that, they need to improve their quality control. Admittedly, had I carefully examined the picture in the eBay auction before purchasing it, I would have saved myself the grief I experienced when this Larry Bowa autograph card arrived. However, under no circumstances should an autograph card in a premium product exhibit the problem shown on it.

Including the parallels, Panini only made 161 of this particular Bowa card. I understand that occasionally people will accidentally go outside the lines when signing autograph stickers. However, this problem can clearly be remedied be having the individual sign additional stickers just in case this occurs, and then don’t use the stickers where the signature has been cutoff — especially in a premium product! Actually, you shouldn’t be using stickers in a premium product at all, but that’s a rant for another time.

There really is no good 2008 UD Premier Premier Card Carltonreason for this type of error to occur. I assume that someone is supposed to be checking the stickers before they are applied to cardboard as well as the placement of the stickers on the card itself. However, I could be wrong about that, as this particular triple autograph featuring Steve Carlton, Gaylord Perry, and Phil Niekro proves that Upper Deck has previously had their own quality control issues in regards to autograph stickers. Yet, as much as I (and many other collectors) really prefer the cards to be autographed directly, I understand why the use of stickers is likely here to stay and accept them for what they are. Is it, however, too much to ask for some quality control when companies decide to use them?

(UD Premier autograph card image taken from eBay auction 161032536780.)

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