Recollecting 1953 Bowman Color

1953 Bowman Color Ryan FrontThis card arrived in the mail today, and with it I am now just one card away from reassembling my 1953 Bowman Color team set. I actually had a complete team set roughly 10 years ago, but I had to sell off most of it (as well as the bulk of many other teams sets of similar or older vintage) for financial reasons. For a few years, I tried to make myself content with a reprint set. However, the reprints for this set were particularly unappealing to me. It wasn’t the quality of the reprints (they were nicely done), but the fact that I particularly loved the 1953 Bowman Color set that made the reprints feel like a stop-gap measure. So, once the financial situation improved again, recollecting these sets became a goal, and with the arrival of this card, Karl Drews becomes the last card I need to once again have all the Phillies from this iconic set.

At this point, I have managed to recollect a few of the vintage team sets I had to rip apart, and a few others are also just a card way from completion. It will feel particularly good, though, once I have the ’53 Bowman Color Drews in my collection once again.


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