Werth’s Dearth of Phillies Certified Auto Cards

Featured cards: 2009 Topps Triple Threads Autograph Relics #TTAR-134; 2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom Autograph Relics #TSAR-JW

2009 Topps TT WerthLast week I wrote about my desire to see more Phillies autograph cards featuring Curt Schilling or Jim Thome. There’s one name I’d like to add to that short list: Jayson Werth. Unfortunately, given that he’s still active and with the Nationals, there’s no additional Phillies autograph cards in the foreseeable future. When he does retire, I suppose there’s a chance we might see a few such cards once again picturing him with the Phillies, but I just don’t see much chance of that happening.

It’s rather amazing how few easily attainable autograph cards there are from Werth’s time with the Phils. Mind you, there are plenty of certified autograph cards out there if you don’t mind picking one up from his days as a prospect bouncing around Blue Jays, Orioles and Dodgers organizations, but if you’re like me and only collect Phillies cards then your options are fairly limited. Outside of possibly his 2007 Elements Elemental 2009 Topps TSAR WerthAutographs card (for which there was no stated print run), all of Werth’s Phillies autograph cards bear rather limited print runs. I’ve managed to acquire four of them, including the Elemental Autographs, but chances of my picking up any additional ones are pretty slim.

One final note: I’ve never understood the animosity displayed by a portion of the Phillies towards Werth since his signing with the Nationals. The Phillies made it very clear that they weren’t interested in bringing him back at the price he was asking, and then the Nats came along and offered significantly more than he wanted from the Phillies. I just guess there’s an mentality to being a “true fan” I never properly developed.

2 responses to “Werth’s Dearth of Phillies Certified Auto Cards

  1. Here’s a good analysis of the Werth/Phillies fan relationship:


    I don’t boo him (and I was there when he made his first appearance back at CBP and cheered him his first time up), but he has certainly made some rude comments about Phillies fans over the past few years, so I wouldn’t cheer him anymore, either.

  2. Thank you for providing the link — I knew most of the informaton but a couple of the small details were new to me. Nonetheless, it sounds to me that we have a situation that just snowballed out of control. There were definitely fans showing displeasure towards Werth before the broken wrist incident, and between that and what was told to him in the immediate aftermath of the injury, I can’t completely blame him for his reaction. Additionally, the Good Phight article does actually leave out the fact that the Phillies themselves made it quite clear that they weren’t going to pay Werth what he was asking them to pay him — they were never in a bidding war with the Nationals because the Nationals actually gave him far more than what he was asking from the Phillies. The Lee signing is not 100% analogous because the Phillies were willing to meet the price Lee offered, whereas if the Phillies offered Werth what he was initially asking for then he likely wouldn’t have been on the market long enough for the Nationals to make their offer.

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