Getting Into the Trading Game

Featured Card: 2009 Topps Silk Collection #(S158), Jamie Moyer

I haven’t properly used my massive 2009 Topps Silk Moyercollection of doubles as trade bait to fill holes in my own Phillies collection, and I’ve decided to proactively change this. So, I have now added a Want List page and I will slowly populate it over the coming weeks. In addition, I have created a Trade Bait page that contains cards that I hope other collectors are interested in trading for. Like the Want List page, I will be slowly populating this over the coming days and weeks. As I’m sure is the case with most collectors, this is being done as a way of cutting back on the money I’m spending — not to mention clearing away a lot of baseball cards that are otherwise just taking up space in my home. (Other Phillies collectors, take note: I have a ridiculous number of Phillies available for trade — the Moyer card shown here is not one of them, however.)

I’m willing to do trades in two different fashions. First, is the more traditional  exchange want lists and see what can be worked out. The second, and I must admit this harbors a lot of appeal to me, is to send a batch of 200 random, different cards (base cards, parallels, and inserts) from the same team in exchange for each 10 of 10 Phillies cards I need. Yes, you read that right — I don’t mind “losing” in a monetary sense because I’m placing a lot of personal value on clearing space. In fact, I’m willing to “lose” on trades handled in the first manner as well.

If you have a trade you would like to work out, check out my Gravatar profile to get my email address.

2 responses to “Getting Into the Trading Game

  1. Could you post that card again of two very obscure Phillies pitchers –
    JD Durbin and Yoel Hernandez. I think the year was 2007. It’s quite a curiousity. It’s the pairing of the most obscure players since Topps paired Braves pitchers Arnie Umbach and Herb Hippauf on one of their 1966 cards.

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