Odds and Ends

2004 Topps Heritage TN Roberts FrontUpon reading about the A.J. Burnett signing yesterday, I searched the database and saw that there haven’t been any multi-team Phillies cards that also picture Burnett. That’s somewhat hard to do in this day and age of player movement — given the length of his career and the some of his achievements. So, his first Phillies card, whenever that comes out, will be the first one in my collection showing him — unlike, say, Roy Halladay, who appeared on a Topps Heritage Now & Then insert with Robin Roberts back in 2004…

Actually, with a little more hunting, I discovered that the best multi-team Phillies card from 2004 (if not ever) is the Bazooka 4-on-1 Stickers featuring Halladay, Brett Myers, Curt Schilling, and Pedro Martinez. I should probably add that to my Want List. If someone else can come up with a better multi-team card showing only players who, at the time of the card’s release, previously, currently, and would eventually play for the Phillies, I’d love to hear it…

Also yesterday, Panini came through with the first, and so far only, redemption card I’ve sent back to them. It took them five months, but at least they came through. I have a rather longish planned post in which I talk about my experiences with redemption cards, but until then, I’m glad to see that I can feel cautiously optimistic about the next time I decide to purchase a Panini redemption card off of eBay — especially since this particular autograph card didn’t resort to stickers…

2014 Topps PapelbonIf you are building your own 2014 Topps Series One set and have holes that need to be filled, please send me an email containing the numbers you need — I have plenty of duplicates, including parallels and inserts, and would love to complete my Series One set (or other holes in my Phillies collection) via trade rather than having to purchase them off of eBay. I have posted both my want list and what I have available for trade.

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