A Day for Love

Featured Card: 2007 Upper Deck/Majestic Phillies Alumni Night #14

On this special day, let us take 2007 UD Majestic Ruiza moment and remember the greatest love story in sports history. In the aftermath of Halladay’s retirement, I just hope that both he and Ruiz find a way to move on now without each other.

Having said that, I’d just like to take a moment to state just how much I hate this particular design, which was also the basis for Upper Deck’s 2007 MLB Artifacts set. By slightly tilting the interior portion of the frame, every card feels like it’s off-center. The design would’ve been much better off if the picture had been either tilted just a little more or not at all.


2 responses to “A Day for Love

  1. Dang, I never noticed that before but now I’m sure I will every time I see it now! I only have the Phils stadium giveaway set in that design. I assume those are tilted too? What was UD thinking?

    By the way, are the Phillies photos in the SGA set the same as in the UD nationally-released set? If not, perhaps I will supplement my SGA set by buying the regular UD Phils cards too (despite the tilt).

    • Sorry for taking a few days to respond. The pictures on the Howard and Bourn cards for the two sets are identical, whereas the Utley and Rollins cards use different pictures. Furthermore, the text on the back of the cards is different for all four players.

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