RIP, Jim Fregosi

Featured Card: 1992 Topps Gold #669

1992 Topps Gold Fregosi475Just two innings. If Fregosi made different decisions in the eighth inning of Game Four and the ninth inning of Game Six of the 1993 World Series, he would have became the second manager in franchise history to guide them to do so. He also would have managed the incredibly rare feat of taking a team from last to World Champions in just one year. Alas, his insistence on using his closer in save situations, regardless of whether the faith was justified, prevented that from happening. Even though he didn’t win that World Series, he still gets credit for managing what is easily one of the most beloved squads in franchise history.

RIP, Jim.

2 responses to “RIP, Jim Fregosi

  1. “Dance with who brung ya” was the popular phrase in late 1993, as I remember it. Of course, now I can’t seem to find it on the web in reference to Mitch, but I had thought Fregosi said that once.

    A friend of mine says, and I agree, that he’d trade the 2008 championship for one in 1993. I’m probably biased as I went to 41 Phils games that year (35 regular season and all 6 home post-season games), including the 4:40 a.m. doubleheader. It really was a magical season. They were drawing 50,000+ to most home games in the second half of the season and even over 60,000 to some, so it was a joy to be at the park. Despite those moves, or lack thereof, in games 4 and 6, he was the right man for that team. RIP, Jim.

    • I remember the “dance” phrase as well, and like you and your friend, I would trade the 2008 championship for one in 1993. I think that’s true of just about anyone who experienced the ’93 season.

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