Oddball Game Card Week, Post #2: MLB Trade Up

2007 Trade Up BackWriting about the various Phillies Uno cards yesterday was easy. It’s a game that nearly everyone is familiar with, so I didn’t feel the need to explain how to play the game. Furthermore, I had complete sets for the two different Phillies versions, so I could easily reference and explain the purpose of the specialty “Acquisition” card. Unfortunately, I own just the Phillies cards for the remainder of the oddball game cards I’ll feature this week. I don’t know anything about the merits of the games themselves, but I’ll share whatever information I can.

2007 Trade Up RollinsToday’s oddball game cards come from Snap TV Games and were distributed in 2007 as part of the MLB Trade Up DVD/board game. Like so many of the other oddball game cards in my collection, I only discovered this particular set when running through my many eBay searches, and when I did find the cards it was a few years after the game originally hit toy store shelves. They’re not listed in the Beckett online database nor were they listed in SCD’s Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards. However, I do believe that I have all the Phillies from the set listed in the current version of the Phillies Baseball Card Database.

Like the Uno cards I wrote about yesterday, the MLB Trade Up cards are fully licensed by both the MLBPA and MLB. However, they are standard-sized, unlike the Uno cards, which were just 2316” x 3⅞” — a point I accidentally neglected to mention in the Uno post. With either 2007 Trade Up Utley52 0r 60 cards in the overall set — it’s hard to tell based on Board Game Geek’s description of the game’s contents — the Phillies are quite well represented with the inclusion of Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, & Ryan Howard. Of the three, the most fascinating of the cards is certainly Utley’s. You just don’t see very many baseball cards of players in midair while transitioning into a head-first slide. Even more interestingly, though he’s wearing a home uniform, based on what we can see of the field he’s clearly not at Citizen’s Bank Park, nor is it a spring training photo. Instead, based on the writing on the blurry fence in the background it looks like this photo was almost certainly taken during the 2006 MLB All Stars tour of Japan. Assuming that is the case, and I don’t see any reason why it’s not, that makes the photo the coolest on any Chase Utley card thus far.

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