Oddball Game Card Week, Post #4: Wrapping Up

1992 MVP Game BackI must admit that when I first conceived the idea for this themed week of posts, I didn’t actually search my collection to see how many sets I could potentially cover. I just had this strong impression that there were a large number of such sets — even after my completely arbitrary decision to focus on truly oddball products and avoid game cards that were produced by the major manufacturers and/or marketed in some fashion to the hobby. Well, although I had enough for a series of posts, I didn’t have as much material as I thought, so this series will conclude with just four posts.

1992 MVP Game CarltonThe first of the two sets that will close this series is the 1992 MVP Game. SCD doesn’t list it in The Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards, and Board Game Geek has no information on the game either. All I know about it is the information given by Beckett in its database. At the risk of sounding like a CD stuck on repeatedly playing the same two seconds, like so many of the other game cards in this series, I have no idea how this game was played. Given the fact it only contained 18 cards, measuring 2¼” x 3716”, it’s hard to fathom how such a game would’ve worked. Interestingly, retired players — most of them Hall of Famers — comprise the entirety of the game deck.

Our last card for the 2008 Sports Equation Utley Frontseries of posts isn’t actually a game card — it’s a math flash card. It’s one of the newest additions to my collection, and I discovered it only a few weeks ago. It’s not in the current online version of the database, but it will be when I post the next updated version within the next few days (the updated version will also contain complete checklists for 2014 Turkey Red, 2014 Topps Heritage, 2014 Topps Tribute, & 2014 Donruss). The company that made them appears to be defunct already, but I did find some marketing information still residing in the dark recesses of the web. Beyond that, the only information I can find on the oversized (3¼” x 5⅛”) 2008 Sports Equation Math Flash Cards comes from a post by Collecting the Cubs back in 2011. Collecting the Cubs provides a complete checklist, and the set apparently contains one player from each team, with Utley repres2008 Sports Equation Utley Backenting the Phillies. There are two versions of his card, one bearing an addition problem and the other a multiplication problem. Beyond the header, question, and answer, the two cards are otherwise identical. For this reason, I only picked up the addition version of the card.

Although I didn’t have as much material as I would’ve liked for this particular series, I have a couple other ideas for future theme week posts. When I decide to do the net one, I’ll do a better job of planning the posts in advance to ensure that I have plenty to highlight and discuss.


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