2014 Heritage Woes

2014 Heritage Green AutoI must give Topps some credit for knowing how to proactively kill anticipation for a new product. 2014 Heritage hit the hobby stores on Friday of last week, but as of last night, I still haven’t seen Heritage at any of the three Target locations closest to me. I’m wondering whether I should start a countdown of the number of days it took to reach retail outlets after the set was officially released. At least I have the three Phillies Real One Autographs from this year’s set in my hands — they’re the only cards from the set that I own thus far since I decided that I am going to compile my own team set as I simultaneously assemble a complete base set. At least, that was the plan. If that wait goes on much longer, I’m going to just give up and purchase complete base and team sets off of eBay. I don’t care if the lack of retail product is technically a distributor problem — I still hold Topps responsible.

I should also give Topps 2014 Heritage Bunning Stampdemerits for sheer-headed stubbornness. While I suppose I’m not surprised, I still couldn’t help but be disappointed when I saw the first 1965 U.S. Postage Stamp inserts appear on eBay. I adamantly refuse to look through the collection and count the number of times they’ve done so, but Topps once again used a photo of Jim Bunning from an incorrect era in a one of the Heritage insert sets. I know what’s really going on — it’s the same photo of Bunning they used in last year’s Now & Then insert set, and we all know how much Topps just loves using the same damn image ad nauseam. However, it would really be nice to see Topps just once use a picture that properly aligns with the year that they are attempting to honor.

I suppose it really is too much to ask Topps to pay any attention to this sort of detail.


6 responses to “2014 Heritage Woes

  1. I’ve started my own countdown. It’s been 11 days where I live.

  2. It is too much to ask.

    • You’re right. They have a guaranteed MLB monopoly till 2020 and they clearly, at the moment, don’t view Panini’s sets as real competition. They don’t want to put any more effort than necessary into this sort of thing.

  3. I just posted in your earlier Heritage entry that they still hadn’t arrived in suburban Philly Targets yet as of the 24th either. I haven’t checked Wal-Mart. But as of yesterday I gave up and decided to collect via eBay. I landed a lot of nearly all of the SPs in one auction, the New Age Performers in another, the other 4 insert sets in another, and the base set of 1-425 in yet another. The total was just under $200, so maybe 10 or 20 bucks cheaper than buying a master set of 554 all at once and significantly cheaper than buying blaster packs from Target and one or two hobby boxes and then supplementing with eBay purchases–but less fun than ripping open packs, and no autographs or relics either. Had Target had them in stock, I would have gone that route. Maybe when my son is a little older, in a year or two, I’ll do that. He just got into stickers last year and we’ll probably collect those again. Alas, Target does have a lot of those in stock….

    • That’s probably the route I should take, but I won’t. One of the local Targets finally got the jumbo packs of Heritage, but still hasn’t received the blaster boxes. Given that I already spent about $25 on hobby packs, I feel like I already started down the road of assembling the set myself and I can’t turn back now.

      Having said that, I’m probably not going to bother with the SPs and just content myself with the base set.

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