The Countdown to 20,000 Begins

Featured Cards: 1968 Topps #39, Cookie Rojas; 2003 Upper Deck Finite #303, Chase Utley

It’s now as close to official as it 1968 Topps Rojascan get; card number 20,000 will arrive at my home sometime in the next week. In a manner typical in regards to how I manage many of my ongoing projects, my procrastinating on the necessary writing has gotten in the way of my big plans to commemorate the event on this blog. The original plan was that I was going to designate card numbers 19,981-19,999 to particular cards already in my collection, and then write something about each of them. They wouldn’t necessarily be my 20 favorite or most valuable cards, but each of these cards would represent something special to me, either as a collector, a fan. I would wrap this project up around the same time that card number 20,000 arrived at my home.

However, there’s no way I’m going to pull that off in the next week.

Nonetheless, I won’t allow myself to be deterred because I still love the idea. So, I’m going through with the plan anyway. However, I’m going to start at 19,991 (even though I possess “just” 19,980 as I write this), and continue until I reach 20,000. The card will certainly arrive before I have completed my post about card 19,999, but I this2003 Finite Utley is something I really want to do. Since it’s my blog, I get to do what I want, and my post about number 20,000 will wait until it’s turn arrives. I will continue the series after 20,000 in a similar manner, but with no particular endpoint in mind.

Since I suggested the possibility in my previous post, I decided to place an order for a special card that I am already planning to designate as card number 20,000. It’s a big occasion, and I don’t want the card to be one of the cards from the 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter. Nothing against the set – I like what I’ve seen online so far – but assigning the milestone number to one of those cards just didn’t feel right.

The good news is that the card that gets the honor is an impressive one, one worthy of such a designation. Better still, it comes with a story that I’m looking forward to sharing — as are many of the other stories that will come with the cards I intend to post scans of.


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