2006 Upper Deck Escalade

Clearly, my stated intentions from a few months ago regarding a series of posts celebrating the addition of the card number 20,000 to my collection turned into a massive, deafening dud. Nonetheless, I did go out of my way to ensure that the card was something special, and I will post about it again in the coming days (I completely understand if you’re saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”) But first, I just wanted to share some information I discovered over the past week.

I’ve written before about how Beckett’s online database, as great a resource as it is, is filled with errors. Well, I found another one. For quite a while, thanks to the information I pulled from Escalade ChecklistBeckett, I have been looking for the 2006 Upper Deck Escalade Bobby Abreu card. I’m not the only one; Jim over at The Phillies Room has had it on his want lists for some time.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist, and I discovered this thanks to eBay.

Beckett can’t entirely be blamed for this. The back of the packaging on all the Escalade card and mini diecast vehicles contains the checklist Beckett used, and Bobby Abreu is listed as the representative for the Phillies. However, it appears that at some point during the production process Upper Deck decided to pull Abreu and replaced him with Chase Utley. They just forgot to fix the packaging.

(Quick rant concerning the Beckett checklist system: one of the things they do that drives me nuts is that they don’t differentiate between actual card numbers and numbers they’ve assigned. The 2006 Upper Deck Escalade set is one of many where Beckett uses the players’ initials in place of the actual card numbers, presumably because they somehow couldn’t get that information in its entirety. It would be helpful if, like Sports Collectors Digest, they either put the assigned number in parenthesis or employed some other method to convey that the number is not actually what appears on the card.)

2006 Upper Deck Escalade UtleyThe good news is that the card is worth the trouble in finding it. Although the card uses the design from that year’s Upper Deck set, the front and back use different pictures from Utley’s card in that set, and the text on the back differs as well. For those of you looking for the card, it bears the number DC28 on the back, but it’s probably easier to find one still in the original blister packaging. In fact, I may decide to find another one. As careful as I was in extracting this card from its packaging, the packaging itself was not in mint condition (though still unopened), and it appears that the upper right corner was dinged as a result of previous handling. Nonetheless, it’s nice to have it and I can move on to other cards in my want list.


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