A Mystery Luzinski Card

I’m stumped. I don’tLawry's Luzinski know anything about this card, but when I saw it on eBay last week I decided I needed it. It’s not an officially-licensed card (by either MLB or the MLBPA), but it’s not a collector’s issue either. Based on the fact that it’s signed (and it looks completely legitimate when I compare it to the other Luzinski autographs in my collections) and the information on the back of the card, my best guess is that this was produced for an Acme in-store signing that Luzinski took part in. Acme then somehow got McCormick (the makers of various Lawry’s seasonings) and Lancaster Brand to co-sponsor the signing, in what I assume was an effort to offset the cost of paying Luzinski to sign autographs for free. But all of that is based on supposition — the lack of copyright date on the card means it could’ve been printed at any time in the last 20+ years years — as I cannot find anything on the internet about it.

Lawry's Luzinski BackSo, if anyone can shed some additional light on this card, please share as a comment. Aside from the scans, the only information I can provide is that it measures 4″ x 6″, the same size as every Phillies team issue set since 1989. I’d love to add it to the database, thus adding it to my official count of Phillies cards, but without knowing anything more about the card, I don’t feel as though I can do so. Nonetheless, it’s a niece piece to have — it’s just a shame that I’m a vegetarian and that there’s no way I’m actually going to try the recipe on the back.


One response to “A Mystery Luzinski Card

  1. The Phillies did something like this for Mitch Williams around 2008 when he came out with his Wild Thing Southpaw Salsa; I remember seeing the photocards showing Mitch pitching available in the Majestic Store next to the salsa. I wasn’t interested in the salsa but asked whether I could take a card and the person working there said sure. I should have taken a few! I also have a vague recollection that they had him in the Majestic Store signing free autographs if you bought the salsa, so they may have made the cards specifically for that and just left the unsigned ones out for people to take later.

    Since Greg Luzinski signs probably 100 or more autographs every game for free at his BBQ stand, I don’t think he is much of an in-store draw anymore. You could be right, but my guess would be less that he made an Acme appearance with those cards, and more that Bull’s BBQ was doing some sort of promotion with McCormick/Lawry’s Sauce and they made them available for him to sign at his little hut at the stadium for people who didn’t have anything else to get signed. And maybe Acme co-sponsored since Lawry’s is available for purchase there? Just guessing here. I hadn’t seen that before but will now be on the lookout. Thanks for highlighting it.

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