Topps Bunt

Maybe it’s just a product of my age, but I’m not entirely sold on Topps Bunt. I setup an account earlier this year, and I’ve attempted to remember logging in on a daily basis so that I don’t actually spend any money on the cards. Over that time, I’ve picked up a few things that look interesting, but nothing worth mentioning. For the most 2014 Topps Bunt Luzinskipart, I just let my son run wild with my account and allowed him to make any trades he wanted between my account and his — so long as he didn’t deprive me of any of the Phillies I managed to pick up.

That changed a little bit this morning when I got a Greg Luzinski 1980 World Series card. I like the look of it, but even after taking a screenshot of my phone and then emailing myself the photo, it just doesn’t feel the same as owning cards produced from dead trees. I know I was nowhere near as excited about the Luzinski card as if I would’ve been if I pulled it out of a pack of physical cards. I understand that Topps is doing quite well with the app, but I just don’t see myself attempting to compile a digital Phillies collection with it — especially if they continue predominantly make digital duplicates of the physical Topps cards, as was the case with this year’s offering. I’m aware that the 2013 set did in fact look different — if Topps did something similar with next year’s offering, I might muster more interest. Until then, meh.


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