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How to Catalog?

Featured Card: 1995 Phillies Blue Cross/Blue Shield Dickie Noles (no #)

1995 Phillies Issue Noles FrontIn addition to the various eBay searches I performed for hard-to-find Phillies items I know are missing from my collection, I am always performing additional searches to uncover items not listed in my database of Phillies cards. Occasionally, I get lucky and come up with something like this Dickie Noles card. Based on the design and the copyright line on the back, this belongs with the 1995 Phillies Team Issue set. However, this was never distributed with it. Best guess, and I feel it’s a fairly solid one, is that it is a special item the Phillies printed for use by Noles, who by that time was already employed by the team as an employee assistance professional. In this role he performs quite a but of community outreach and talks openly about his own past addiction and recovery from it.

Thus, my conundrum is how to 1995 Phillies Issue Noles Backproperly catalog it in my database of Phillies cards. I’ve already stated where it belongs based upon its design, but given it was never distributed with the 1995 Phillies Team Issue, that isn’t the proper designation. At the top of the post I listed how I plan to include it in my database, but I don’t know how comfortable I am with it. Furthermore, I know for a fact that during the early-to-mid ’90s the Phillies issued somewhat similar cards for both Dallas Green and Tug McGraw — should I have a more inclusive, less specific set name to handle those cards as well? Although I know those other cards exist, I don’t possess any additional information about them that will allow to me assign year or the name of the sponsor (if any).

I would greatly appreciate any additional information about this card, as well as the similar ones made for Green, McGraw and any other former Phillies players who may have used them. If you have any of that information, please feel free to leave it in the comments section.