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1934 Goudey (R320)

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions: 2⅜” x 2⅞”
Additional Information: World Wide Gum in Canada reused the design for card #s 49-96 in its 1934 set (which is also referred to as Canadian Goudey, V354). Fleer recycled the front of this design in its 2002 Fleer Tradition set, and Upper Deck followed suit with the 2006 Fleer Tradition 1934 Goudey Greats inserts (by that time, Upper Deck had purchased the rights to Fleer and its various trademarks and brands) as well as its 2008 Upper Deck Goudey set.



Frank “Don” Hurst
Wes Schulmerich (pictured with Phillies on front, denoted with Reds on back)
Ed Holley
George Darrow
Dolph Camilli