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The Foxx Philly Flip

2014 Classics FoxxI grok why many collectors recoil from the Panini issues. I know I don’t care for the conspicuous absence of MLB logos and names on the cards. But, while I have grown to harbor some serious issues with Panini over the past few months (a rant for another time), they have nonetheless managed to put out some decent looking cards despite the restraints of lacking a license from MLB. In fact, I am somewhat perversely thankful for what they’re doing because it allows me to add numerous Jimmie Foxx cards to my collection.

Now, I know that his “Philadelphia” cards are certainly meant to be Athletics cards, not Phillies cards. However, he did end his career with the Phillies, and the airbrushing away of MLB insignia means that you can easily flip the team designation on any of these cards. It’s been great because before this year, 2010 Topps NC Foxxonly one mainstream card release pictured and denoted Foxx as a member of the Phillies.* Even that card, his short-printed 2010 Topps National Chicle, only exists because it was a part of an “alternate uniform” subset (at least the fact he played with the Phillies for one year meant the card made some kind of sense, unlike the Ryan Howard A’s card.)

Anyway, I am taking as much advantage of this as I can. Panini, bring on as many Foxx “Philadelphia” cards as you want, and while I may not add all of them to my collection, I will certainly chase after many of them. Oh, and please make a few Chief Bender “Philadelphia” cards while you’re at it. I’d love to have a few more to go along with his 1960 Fleer card.

*It’s not like pictures from his season with the Phillies don’t exist. In fact, his 2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes card inexplicably bears a Phillies photo on a card commemorating his exploits in the 1929 World Series, when he was a member of the Athletics.