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Savor the Moment, Joe

Featured Card: 2008 Bowman Sterling #BSP-JS, Joe Savery

Overcoming all conventional wisdom at the beginning of the season (as well as common sense), Joe Savery, a former #1 draft pick, made his Major League Debut today. If you don’t already know his story and his improbable his rise to the majors this season, then you should check out the article at from this past weekend. In the hopes that today might arrive and create a feel good story, I picked up this card a couple weeks ago, thus breaking a personal rule concerning autographs of players who haven’t appeared in a major league game: I refuse to add them to my collection until the major league debut actually happens. That way, I avoid spending money on cards of players who didn’t actually appear in a single game for the Phillies. (Someday I’ll post about the ridiculous “Rookie Card” rule that MLB declared for baseball cards starting in 2005 — or thereabouts — and why I think it’s a sick joke.)

Oh, and yes… it was really necessary for me to use that particular subject title. Evolution hardwired love of bad puns into my genetic code, and I just couldn’t resist.