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Perfect Together: Panini and an E120 Throwback Set

Featured Cards: 1922 American Caramel Series of 240 (E120), Lee Meadows; 1922 Neilson’s Chocolate (V61) Type 1, Wilbur Hubbell; 1922 Neilson’s Chocolate (V61) Type 2, Lee King; 1922 W573, Joe “Goldie” Rapp

I’m going to revisit my 2014 Wish List post again focus on the idea of a throwback set that harkens to the 1922 American Caramel Series of 240 (E120) set. A previously mentioned that the set was good candidate for such an endeavour for a few reasons: it hasn’t been used previously as the basis for a full retro-themed set, sepia parallels actually make sense in the context of the set, and the fact that the set was repurposed frequently at the time provides historical material for parallel backs. Take a look at the following:

1922 American Caramel E120 Meadows Front1922 American Caramel E120 Meadows Back

1922 Neilson's V61 Hubbell Front1922 Neilson's V61 Hubbell Back

1922 Neilson's V61 King Front1922 Neilson's V61 King Back

Right there, you have three different backs. There’s also the blank-backed 1922 W573 strip cards that otherwise used the same front, as well as the 1922 Cream Nut/Goodie Bread and 1922 Leader Theater sets, complete with their own backs. You’ll even note that the sets that originally reused the E120 design are tinted a different color. No need to come up with different excuses for parallels — it’s already there in the set.

1922 W573 Rapp FrontWhat’s really interesting about the E120 set, however, is that it would be a perfect fit for Panini. For starters, notice the team designation at the bottom of the card. Yes, “PHILADELPHIA NATIONALS.” Already, no reason to worry about those pesky copyrighted team names there. Furthermore, many of the cards use photos with no noticeable team insignia — at least, they’re missing from three of the four cards highlighted in this post — which means the final photos would both clear Panini’s legal hurdles and be appropriate to such a throwback set. Replicating the original black-and-white appearance (aside from any tinting variations) of the cards would make the deletion of such trademarks that much harder to discern in the final printed product.

So, I’m hoping Panini takes note — yes I will be posting this suggestion to their social media sites. I’m not looking for credit; I would just like to see properly executed attempt at such a set. That means “action” photos taken from similar angles and posed shots that replicate those seen in the original American Caramel set. This can be done, and I would love it.