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Phil Collins in His First Solo Career

Featured Card: 1933 Goudey #21, Phil Collins

1933 Goudey CollinsI just found out via Beerleaguer that last night Cliff Lee became the first Phillies pitcher to have a three-hit, four-RBI game since Phil Collins in 1930. Oh, and he also became the first Phillies pitcher since Curt Schilling in 1997 to strike out 14 batters and not issue a single walk.

Of course, I decided that this moment called for Collins’s third appearance on 14,000 Phillies. Amazingly, my well hasn’t run dry yet — I have two other Collins cards should I ever feel the need to make make another Genesis reference. I also have a couple Matt Smiths set aside for the coming 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

1932 Orbit Gum Pins Numbered (PR2)

Set Type: Primary
Pin Diameter: Approximately ¾”
Additional Information: Beckett’s Online Guide states that the pins comprising this set “were thought to have been issued some time between 1932 and 1934.” In addition, SCD’s 2011 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards states that the pins were issued “circa 1932.” With the exception of the number on the bottom of the front 0f the pin, all the pins in this set are identical to the pins issued in the 1932 Orbit Gum Pins Unnumbered (PR3) set.

Dick Bartell
Phil Collins

2012-01-18 Phillie Filler of the Day

Featured Card: 1935 Exhibits 4-on-1 (no #), Jimmy Wilson, Phil Collins, John “Blondy” Ryan & George Watkins

Regular (that is, what passes for “regular” on this site) resumes tomorrow.