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The Parallel/Printing Plate Glut

Featured cards listed at end of post.

65,860. That’s approximately how many entries are in the version of the Phillies Baseball Card Database I posted last night. I am fairly certain it’s the largest Excel file I’ve ever worked with (my job requires me to work with large Excel files on a regular basis), but how many truly unique Phillies items are there really?

Well, if you filter out printing plates and parallels (not a perfect way to determine this, but it works nicely for my purposes here), the number drops drastically — to approximately 36,950. That’s still a lot, mind you, but it quickly demonstrates the extremely small possibility of someone actually putting together a comprehensive Phillies collection. What’s truly mind-numbing is that number also means that parallels and printing plates make up nearly half of the current content of the database. Worse still, that percentage is likely going to grow dramatically as I continue with the project and continue adding new material. For proof of this, look no further than the parallels from 2013 Topps:

2013 Topps Camo Contreras2013 Topps Em Green Aumont2013 Topps Factory Orange Rollins2013 Topps Gold Brown2013 Topps SS Blue Kendrick2013 Topps SS Contreras2013 Topps Target Lerud2013 Topps TRU Cloyd2013 Topps WM Cloyd

The worst part is that there are still a few additional parallels missing from this collage. For the 20 Phillies cards (not counting the gimmick variations) in the 2013 Topps set, there are 340 parallels and printing plates — and each of those cards and plates has its own entry in the database.

I first attempted to assemble a comprehensive, unabridged list of Phillies cards back during my teen years in the mid-to-late ’80s. I still have an original printout somewhere in a box of mementos — I’ll have to see if I can find it and post a scan of one of the pages in a future post — and if I recall correctly, I was able to print out the entire list in roughly 30 pages, at two columns a page, in a nicely-sized, easily legible font. After playing around with the newest version of the database, I determined that I could probably port a legible printout in roughly 260 pages — but that really is a best guess.

This is the primary reason why this project has taken so long. I’m convinced that without parallels and printing plates I’d likely be done this project by now. As it is, 2015 seems like a reasonable estimate as to when I’ll finally have it at the point where I’m only updating for new releases. In the meantime, every time I see Topps announce yet another new parallel, I will be muttering curses under my breath.

Featured 2013 Topps Parallel Cards: Desert Camouflage #152, José Contreras; Emerald Green #646, Phillippe Aumont; Factory Orange #206, Jimmy Rollins; Gold #625, Domonic Brown; Silver Slate Blue Sparkle Wrapper Redemption #71, Kyle Kendrick; Silver Slate Wrapper Redemption #152, José Contreras; Target Red Border #424, Steven Lerud; Topps Toys “R” Us Purple Border #424, Tyler Cloyd; Walmart Blue Border #424, Tyler Cloyd

2013 Phillies Team Issue

 2013 Team Issue 1 Aumont Front2013 Team Issue 1 Aumont Back

Set Type: Primary
Card dimensions: 4″ x 6″
Additional Information/14,000 Phillies Commentary: As had been the case for the previous few years, the Phillies Team Issue set was printed and ready at newsstands during the Phillies final spring exhibition games held in Citizen’s Bank Park before the start of the regular season. As with those previous sets, the set contains a large number of Phillies who were not with the team when Opening Day arrived. The majority are players who were sent back to the minors (e.g., De Fratus, Ruf, & Stutes). However, Betancourt was released before the season started, thus making him another recent “Phillie” showing up in the Phillies Team Issue set without ever being a part of their regular season roster (previous players to also hold this honor include Ronny Paulino, Delwyn Young & Scott Podsednik). Of similar note is Inciarte, a Rule 5 acquisition who was returned to the Diamondbacks after the first game of the season, thus allowing him to join Tim Lahey and Tim Gradoville as recent Phillies who had the honor of suitting up and appearing on the active roster only to never appear in a game.

As with Michael Schwimer in the 2012 Phillies Team Issue First Edition, this set is notable for including the first card depicting Phillippe Aumont in a major league uniform. Proving once again just how pointless is is to collect the overwhelming majority of such cards, Topps managed to miss him while producing a plethora of Bowman Prospect inserts for players who never play a game above A-ball.

In regards to the set itself, 2013 Team Issue 1 Inciarte Frontwhile I like the idea of having a team-issued set ready for the start of the season, I absolutely detest seeing them including cards for players such as Betancourt. Furthermore, this particular issue feels less like a proper Major League set because all the photos are clearly from Spring Training — an element shared by other 4″ x 6″ sets issued by the Phillies at the start of the past few seasons. Given the Phillies recent track record, they will almost certainly issue later in the year a redesigned second set containing photos taken at Citizen’s Bank Park. As a result, I’m probably more anticipating the mid-season set than I was this one. It will be interesting to see whether the Phillies will decide to update this particular set to reflect the acquisition of Ezequiel Carrera, which ocurred the day after the season started, or wait until mid-season and include him in the second set/edition. To my knowledge, they have never done this before, but they have also rarely made a transaction this early in the season. I’m hoping for the latter as I’d hate to repurchase this set for just one card.

Mike Adams
Phillippe Aumont
Antonio Bastardo
Yuniesky Betancourt
Mick Billmeyer (Coach)
Domonic Brown
Justin De Fratus
Rich Dubee (Coach)
Chad Durbin
Kevin Frandsen
Freddy Galvis
Roy Halladay
Cole Hamels
Steve Henderson (Coach)
Jeremy Horst
Ryan Howard
Ender Inciarte
Wally Joyner (Coach)
Kyle Kendrick
Erik Kratz
John Lannan
Cliff Lee
Charlie Manuel (Manager)
John Mayberry, Jr.
Rod Nichols (Coach)
Laynce Nix
Jonathan Papelbon
Humberto Quintero
Ben Revere
Jimmy Rollins
Darin Ruf
Carlos Ruiz
Juan Samuel (Coach)
Ryne Sandberg (Coach)
Michael Stutes
Chase Utley
Raúl Valdes
Delmon Young
Michael Young
Phillie Phanatic
Phillies Broadcasters