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Odds & Ends, HOFer Edition

Featured Cards: 2005 Upper Deck Classics Classic Moments Materials #CM-SC, Steve Carlton; 2013 Panini Cooperstown Baseball Cooperstown Signatures #HOF-TPZ, Tony Pérez

Today marks the 30th anniversary of Steve Carlton’s 300th career win. Chris Jaffe did a nice little write-up of the event for The Hardball Times. He neglected to mention,2005 UD Classics CM Carlton however, that Carlton did this in the midst of a pennant race — when every win really mattered — and that this also occurred when he and Nolan Ryan were battling each other for the all-time lead in strikeouts. Ryan would eventually best Carlton by nearly 1,600 strikeouts, but at the end of 1983, Carlton was (briefly) the all-time record holder….

Yesterday marked my first game at Citizen’s Bank Park in over four years. There are a lot of reasons for this, but I am hoping that my next visit isn’t another four years away. It’s a shame they didn’t win, but, on the other hand, I was present for one of their only two wins in Nationals Park this season. More on my day there in a post later this week….

Have seen some of the new 2013 Prizm cards. While I appreciate the restraints under which Panini operates, their photo treatment is quickly getting tiring. They need to come up with way to make the actual player photos cleaner while removing all the logos and any of the background that can be used to identify where the photo was taken….

2013 Cooperstown Sigs PerezI love the fact that Panini decided to issue a Philadelphia autograph card for Tony Pérez in their recent Cooperstown Baseball release. However, my all-time favorite Pérez Phillies card will almost certainly always be his 2002 Fleer Fall Classic Phillies variation card. He played fewer games with the Phillies than any other team he played with in the majors, and he did nothing special in the ’83 postseason. Just why did Fleer decide to issue a Phillies variation for him in that set? Yes, I know he didn’t appear in the postseason for the Red Sox or Expos, but that still doesn’t explain why Fleer thought this variation was a good idea.