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Done With the Hobby, and Topps Started Me Down This Road

I don’t know yet whether I will write about all the reasons why, but I have decided that I am essentially done with the hobby. It started with an incredibly off-putting (I actually found it very insulting, but I think that was unintentional on the part of the lackey who I conversed with) Twitter exchange with a Topps PR person over this year’s Heritage Art Mahaffey autograph card and just evolved from there. I’m going to keep some of the collection — the parts that actually mean something to me — but I still don’t know yet what that means or how many cards that entails. In the meantime, I’m making a bunch of easy decisions about which cards to part with.

If anyone is interested, you can see my current eBay auctions by clicking here.

Yet Another Reason to Hate Beckett

Feeling rather angry with the hobby these days — not the least of which is the way with which Beckett editors communicate with collectors. For the latest example, check out their stenography reporting on Topps’s recent handling of redemption cards.